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illustration & design

Steffi Winkler AKA winklerin is a German artist creating mixed media illustrations. Her artwork features delicately drawn moody characters contrasted by bright colors. Influenced by her love of nature, art history and symbolism she explores emotions and processes personal experiences.

She graduated from Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2006 (Visual Communication) and works as a freelance graphic designer/ illustrator. Her artwork has been published in books, magazines and featured in international art exhibitions.

Ornate pencil drawing of two skulls with long curly hair.
Photo of the artist's studio with two half-finished oil paintings and a portrait drawn with black charcoal.
Work in progress
Drawing of a woman lying on her back in shades of gray-blue and light brown. Her gaze is sad and empty. An octopus sits on her head.
Ursula is drowning in thoughts – Limited edition on KnownOrigin

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Photo of drawing app opened on iPad, visible on the screen is a part of a face and a line drawing of a cat.
WIP – Drawing details with Procreate
Pastel-coloured illustration of a woman with bright pink hair. She is cooking mini skulls in various pots. Her attention is focussed on the skull she is holding in her left hand.
Nobody loves you like I do – 1/1 digital drawing on Foundation
Digital drawing of a girl with neon pink hair holding a little blue dragon in her arms.
Dragon Girl – Fine art print on INPRNT

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Illustration of a serious looking woman with long red hair on a light pink background. A human heart is partially covered by the neckline of her dress and a small gray mouse sits on her shoulder.
With all my heart – 1/1 digital drawing on Foundation
Several drawing layers of a seated woman in profile on blue paper.
Motion study for a new animation